My Birthday Weekend

On Friday the 11th of May- Sunday the 13th May I wasn’t in Dundee where I usually am, I have been in London celebrating my 11th Birthday! On the 11th of May we went to London on my first plane, on the 10th we had a birthday tea to celebrate because I wouldn’t be there on my birthday. At the family tea I got a treasure hunt that led me to my first gift. At the end of it my present was…tickets to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tours London, I was sooo excited! On the first night we were in London we went to the Jamie Oliver italian resteraunt which was amazing, then we went to see Matilda the Musical which was the best! The next day when we woke up we went to the science museum, then we went to shop for a little while, we went to a big Superdry shop then we went to Hamelys. At night we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tours and it was amazing, we spent nearly 4 hours there, when we got back to the flat we were staying in we were ready for our bed. On Sunday it was our last day so we went to the markets and got two ornaments that looked like my brothers because my brothers play guitars and wear hats and so did the ornaments. By this time we were very tired and still had a lot of travelling to do, we still had to get on a tube, train, plane and a car back to Dundee from Edinburgh. I have had a brilliant time in London and a time that I will never forget. Thank you Mum, Dad, My 2 brothers (Matthew and Connor) and my Nan and Grandad.


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