It is really hard to find a tv show or movie that you enjoy and would watch again on NETFLIX .So to help you out I will say one of my favourite tv shows and one of my favourite film

TV SHOW- The Good Place

This is an amazing tv show!!! It is funny, it is sad, it is exciting and you just want to watch episode after episode! This is rated a 15 but I would 100% recommend this.

FILM- Brain On Fire

This is a brilliant movie! It is sad but you just want to keep watching. I would definitely recommend this.


The Good Place is about Eleanor Shellstrop after her death. She got sent to the good place where everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. Or does it…

Brain on Fire is about a woman called Suzanna who starts to get light headed and have memory loss, she starts having trouble at work so she goes to the doctors. Nobody knows what is happening to her and all of her loved ones start to get worried. They need to go to doctor after doctor to find out what has happened to her.


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