Even though it was quite a while ago, during the October holidays me, my Mum and my Dad went to Albufeira , Portugal. It was AMAZING! During we were away we went on a glass bottom boat, went to the new town square and the old town square, we had a visit to Vilamoura ( the city next to Albufeira) for a day,we had a beach day, spent a few afternoons by the pool and had lots of fun in the sun. My favourite day was our beach day, it was a beautiful day and we went in the sea and lay on the beach for a little while, we stayed there for the whole day. The food wasn’t too different to the food we eat here, some was very different but most of it was the same. All of the food we had there was really nice.


If you are looking for a place to go on holiday, I would definitely recommend it. I would rate it 4/5 stars because the roads were very loud and the hotel we stayed in wasn’t the best.





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